Mask of the Maw 
Mask of the Maw
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unused by the Phoenix

The Mask of the Maw, one of the Masks of the Oni, was a Shadowlands kabuki mask. [1] It was made of porcelain. [2]

Abilities Edit

Each hour the mask was worn, the wearer accrued Taint as if he had spent a day in the Shadowlands, and no amount of jade or magical protection could prevent this. [3] It enhanced the wearer's melee abilities and could greatly boost his strenght. [1]

Chunigo Edit

In 1159 it was found by Agasha Chunigo in the ruins of Shiro Chuda. The Mask twisted and tainted his soul, becaming a Maho-tsukai known as Chunigo. [3]

Phoenix Edit

Chunigo was hunted by Jade Magistrates and kept as prisoner. The Mask was retrieved and sent to the Phoenix to study it. [4]

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