Mask of Shosuro Itode 
Mask of Shosuro Itode
Created by: Shosuro Itode
First used by: Shosuro Itode
Currently in the possession of: Lost in the Shadowlands

The Mask of Shosuro Itode was a shining red-gold mask enchanted by Shosuro Itode. It had kabuki diamonds over the eyes and drawn lashes of onyx. The words "be as you like" were embroidered on its silk lining. It gave the wearer the appearance and voice of whatever they were thinking about. [1]

Lost Edit

Shortly before Itode died defending the Kaiu Wall, he threw the mask over the wall. [2] It was lost in the Shadowlands and became tainted. The corrupted mask now infected the wielder and still changed the appearance of anyone who wore it, but to those who were outside the vicinity when it was first put, saw the wearer as a monstrous insectoid oni, with six clawed legs, two lizard like heads and three scorpion tails. [3]


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