Please note: This article is about the leader of the Eyes of Nanashi. For other uses of the term, please see Masamune (disambiguation).

Kaeru Masamune was a ronin who left the Kaeru family and became Masamune, the leader of the Eyes of Nanashi.

Kaeru Family Edit

Masamune was born into the Kaeru Family and was trained in politics, commerce, and the art of deal. He lft the City of the Rich Frog to apprentice at the Wretched Frog the ways of business. Masamune was embroiled in gambling, and learned all the popular ways of cheating at games of chance. He discovered that cheating disgusted him and became disappointed by his bosses' lackluster approach to running the Wretched Frog. [1]

Eyes of Nanashi Edit

Masamune left his family and joined the Eyes of Nanashi, wher ehe learned to use the sword. Disputes that he arbitrated never ended in drawn blades, an exceptional achievement in the gambling dens of Nanashi Mura. Eventually he became the leader of the Eyes. [2]

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