Masago was a ronin shugenja cursed by an oni.

Curse Edit

Masago was cursed by an Oni's mark on her, but had not surrendered herself to the taint. She hoped to find something to give her strength to resist, and when she learned the Hare Clan Sword was in Shiro Hiruma she thought it might have been it.[1]

Associates Edit

Masago was known to have associated with the Last Chance Bandits.[1]

Appearance Edit

She was a small woman with mean eyes and a serious demeanor. Her hair had started to grey in 1123, and she wore a pitch black handprint covering her mouth & left side of her jaw.[1]

Criminal Edit

Masago was a wanted criminal, after she was kicked out of the Kitsu Shugenja school for unspeakable experiments.[1]

Hare Clan Sword Edit

Masago was sneaking around in the Shadowlands near Shiro Hiruma in 1123, trying to find the Hare Clan Sword.[2] It was at the same time Usagi Ozaki journeyed there[3] and recovered it from the Exalted Ugu, the goblin shugenja in possession of the blade. Masago tried to take the blade from Ozaki, but was unsuccessful.[4]

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