Marumojutsu was a minor martial art devised by Bayushi Marumo to escape without killing, while the Scorpion Clan had been disbanded after the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Style Edit

The concept was to defend until the opportunity was presented to incapacitate the enemy. The stance of Marumojutsu was recognizable, the legs squared in a relaxed, casual stance, the left arm held folded behind the back, the right arm held out to one side, ready to block and parry. [1]

Purpose Edit

Marumojutsu was designed to avoid attack, so most of the dodges and parries appeared to be pure luck, to appease the enemy. Marumo originally devised this style to avoid infuriating his enemy, but modern practitioners projected a facade of bored indifference, consciously taunting the enemy while they waited for the perfect moment to strike. The fierce attack struck at the nerves of the opponent who became stunned, but was designed to do only miniscule physical damage. [1]

Training Edit

Students were taught to study the nature of human emotion and behavior. The art centered around ways to dodge, block, or deflect an attack, and also focused on teaching graceful, fluid motion and structured breathing to expend the least amount of effort possible. Students were taught to be amazingly perceptive, as any mistake must be exploited immediately. [2]

  • A novice was skilled at defending themselves.
  • The advanced student learned the basic techniques of striking nerves and even affecting the chi of his opponent.
  • A master was practically impossible to strike, and able to wear down any opponent.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit


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