Marta family
Patron family: Shinjo family
Clan: Unicorn Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Marta family was a vassal family of the Unicorn Clan in service to the Shinjo family. During the Ki-Rin's Exodus paper was a very rare and expensive commodity, which made keeping records and histories mostly an oral tradition. The Ki-Rin Clan developed strong storytelling skills in order to pass along their culture and heritage to those Ki-Rin born outside of Rokugan. From this tradition came the Marta family. [1]

Founding and Purpose Edit

Shinjo herself comissioned the family and named them after her beloved storyteller, Martazera. Shinjo gave Shinjo Yotoko, Martazera's most gifted student, the honor of leading the family. Their purpose was to orally record the Ki-Rin's history and culture and teach it to others. [1]

Kolat Hidden Agenda Edit

Yotoko had fully joined the Kolat conspiracy, spirited by Martazera. She used the new family, the keepers of its oral history, to make subtle changes whenever they recounted past tales to present things in a way that promoted Kolat philosophy. [2]

Teachings Edit

The Marta focused their attention on teaching, rather than recording an accurate history like the Ikoma or entertaining like the Doji. Many viewed this as common and unrefined, however, the Unicorn found both comfort and inspiration from listening to Marta stories. [1]

Fall of the Shinjo Edit

Since the fall of the Shinjo family, the Marta lost much influence due to the other families' lack of trust in the Shinjo. The Marta saw themselves as more important than ever, even more so since some of the clan's written histories had been destroyed by the Lying Darkness. [1]

Marta Daimyo Edit

The following were known daimyo of the Marta family.

Shinjo Yotoko  ? - ?

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