The Yodotai Principles, called the Marius Laws for its developer the Yodotai Emperor Marius, dictated what exactly had to be done and how to act after a new conquest was added to the Yodotai Empire. It was written in the 2nd century. [1]

First rule Edit

The defeated people became Yodotai people, and they had to accept it. They had to obey the Emperor or the Yodotai Warlord. If the first rule was accepted by the newcomers, the customs, traditions, language, and names remained unchanged. They had to learn the Yodotai language to allow their internal communciations. The exceptions to these were the name of the places, and the religion. [2]

Governor Edit

The Yodotai appointed a Governor to rule the new lands, and behind him several advisors run the bureaucracy. No criticism against the Empire or their gods were allowed, but any other complaint was dealed with diligency. [2]


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