Born: (c. 45
Died: (c. 180
Parents: Octavius 
Children: Quintus 
Titles: Yodotai Emperor

Marius was the first self-proclaimed Yodotai Emperor.


Marius was the son of Octavius, the founder of the Yodotai. He was an infant when his father met Conquest, during the dawn of the Yodotai in the year 45. [1]

Emperor Edit

In the year 102 during the First Great Crusade his father died in the Battle That Must Not Be Forgotten, when the Mighty and Merciless Sea sent a tsunami against the Yodotai army in northern coasts of the Radia Kingdom. Marius succeeded him as leader of his people, taking the title of Emperor. [1]

Yodotai principles Edit

In 140 Marius edicted that the title of Yodotai Warlord, which was first bore by his father, would only be used during the Great Crusades. Marius was a peaceful ruler and he did not expand the borders of his Empire. He developed a legacy that would be instrumental in the success of the Yodotai in the following centuries, the Yodotai Principles: a Law system that detailed what to do after each conquer and anexation. [1]

Death Edit

His son Quintus was the new Emperor after his death. Quintus in 180 resumed the conquest of the Kingdom of Radia. [1]


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Preceded by:
Yodotai Emperor
102 - (c. 180)
Succeeded by:

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