Mappers of the Heart took the Asahina beliefs and teachings out into the world, sharing them with the rest of the Crane Clan and the Empire. Many of them served as advisers to major lords. [1]

Founding Edit

The organization was founded only a generation after the Asahina family was created. Asahina Iwao, a student of Asahina himself returned from a musha shugyo of thirty years, spent studying how the air kami around the people. His communion with the Mempo of Pure Thought years ago had convinced him that it was possible for an experienced shugenja to study and map the human mind. After his return the Asahina Daimyo realized that the old man was in fact sensing his thoughts quite accurately, and commanded to found the Mappers to preserve Iwao's research, with the old man as the first sensei. [2]

Duty Edit

The Mappers gathered more records and observations, hoping someday to fully grasp the human mind. This information was brought to the dojo and library which the Mappers maintained, within its own separate temple, located in the wooded hills just south of the Daidoji lands. [3]

Tradition Edit

All Mappers became quite gifted at using the Air kami to sense the thoughts and emotions of others. Typically a Mapper would spend several years conducting research, after which he was sent off to serve in one or another court on behalf of the Crane, highly regarded for their uncanny grasp of human nature. [3]

Known Sensei Edit


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