Mantle of the Jade Champion 
Mantle of the Jade Champion
Created by: Kakita and Isawa family
First used by: Kitsu Okura
Currently in the possession of: Jade Champion

Mantle of the Jade Champion was a kimono [1] and the badge of office of the Jade Champion.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The Mantle of the Jade Champion was a loose, kneelength garment with long, ample sleeves. Made from the finest silk, it was of a dark green shade embroidered with golden threads. On the lower part of the mantle and upon its sleeves, an uneven ring of golden flames seemed to dance. The high collar of the garment was thick and patterned with gold strands, forming a simple ring around the wearer's neck. The Mantle of the Jade Champion not only identified the wearer's position within the Empire of Rokugan, but also significantly enhanced his capabilities. It could absorb the magic of any spell cast directly against them, which effectively canceled and dispersed the spell. [2]

First bearer Edit

Mantle of the Jade Champion 2

Mantle of the Jade Champion

It was created by the most gifted artisan of the Kakita family before being enchanted by the most powerful Isawa shugenja. It was originally given to Kitsu Okura, who was the first to hold that office after it was revived during the reign of Toturi I. Tragically, Okura fell to the temptations of maho, and there was some concern that the magical vestment was Tainted during his time of office. [2]

Other Jade Champions Edit

The next Jade Champion was Kuni Utagu, leader of the Kuni Witch Hunters. Utagu thoroughly examined the vestment and declared it free of the Taint. Since then it had passed on to two more Jade Champions, Asahina Sekawa and Kuni Daigo. [2]

External Links Edit

Mantle of the Jade Champion 3

Mantle of the Jade Champion

Mantle of the Jade Champion 4

Mantle of the Jade Champion


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