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Mantle of Fire 
Mantle of Fire
Created by: Agasha family
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Dragon Clan

Mantle of Fire was a nemuranai created by the Dragon Agasha family and retained by the Tamori family after the defection of the Agasha. This item usually took the form of a rigid haori, though sometimes it was a simple-seeming cloak or wrap. It drew out the wearer's inner fire, causing his spells and attacks to become more fierce. [1] [2]

Phoenix Mantles Edit

Later, the Phoenix Agasha developed a new and more peaceful version of the Mantle of Fire, usually a full-length cloak or body-wrap, a defensive item in which the power of the Fire kami was only unleashed against those who sought to harm the wearer. [3]

Appearance Edit

These Mantles were woven and dyed in the colors of fire – red, orange, and yellow – with embroidered flames adding further decoration. [3]

External Links Edit

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