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The Mantis Clan Champion was the leader of the Mantis Clan.

Mantis Clan Champion Edit

The Mantis chose their Clan Champions from the Storm Legion, the secret descendants of Gusai and Kaimetsu-Uo. [1] The following were the known Champions of the Mantis Clan:

Kaimetsu-Uo 80 - (c. 141)
Kaimetsu-Uo's Son (c. 141) - ?
Gusai  ? - 429
Gusai Mori 429 - ?
Gusai Rioshida  ? - 510
Yohihotsu 510 - ?
Ieyasu the Leper  ? - 660
Tetsuken 660 - 665
Hotaka  ? - 716
Yoshitsune  ? - 1100
Bishan the Watchful, impersonating Yoshitsune 1100 - 1117
Yoritomo 1117 - 1133
Yoritomo Aramasu 1133 - 1159
Yoritomo Kitao 1159 - 1160
Yoritomo Kumiko 1160 - 1167
Yoritomo Naizen 1167 - 1175
Yoritomo Hiromi  ? - 1200
Yoritomo Yashinko 1200 - ? (Acting Champion)
Yoritomo Yoshitsune 13th century (Acting Champion)
Yoritomo Koharu  ? - Present

Gusai Daimyo Edit

Following the forming of the Gusai family in 429, The Mantis Clan Champions were also the Daimyo of the Gusai until the family name was stripped from them in 510.

Yoritomo Daimyo Edit

Following the elevation to Great Clan status and the forming of the Yoritomo family in 1128, the Mantis Clan Champion have also been the Daimyo of the Yoritomo.

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