A Manrikikusari was a type of Chain Weapons consisted of a simple chain with weights on both ends. [1] Traditionally these had been cylindrical weights, although in the Crab lands it had become more popular to use large spherical weights instead. [2] A warrior fought �with a manrikikusari by spinning the weight on one end and then releasing it to strike the foe, holding the other end to retrieve the chain after the strike. [3] It could bludgeon or entangle an enemy. [4]

Use Edit

This weapon was designed by the Scorpion primarily as a way to deal with heavily armored opponents. Its main drawback was it must be made completely of metal, which this made it heavy and noisy. The Hiruma Stalkers used it to crush the armored plate of Shadowlands beasts, while the Daidoji favored the level of structural damage such a small weapon could cause in a short period of time. [5] The fi�rst recorded usage of a manrikikusari in Rokugan's histories was in the hands of Shosuro. [3]

Variants Edit

The Crab and Crane tried to use manrikikusari covered in thin cords of fabric to silence the metal, but such treatment only survived a few days of regular use. The Shosuro had limited success with pressed wood being made into lighter tools, which were also easily broken with a good impact. [5]


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