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Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named Shosuro 
Children: Un-named son,
Shosuro Hojiako

Man-etsu was a Maho-tsukai.

Maho-tsukai Edit

Man-etsu was a powerful shugenja, with shapeshifting magic, and the skill to bind an oni. She owned a serie of cursed artifacts, as an origami crane, a kimono embroiled with dragonflies, a fan decorated with a Hummingbird, and the infamous Butterfly Hairpins. [1]

Fall in Love Edit

Man-etsu took the guise of a geisha to seduce a minor Shosuro daimyo, intending to kill him and assume his position. She fell in love and gave up her dark magics to live with him. [1]

Children Edit

For ten years they were childless, but when Man-etsu was with child the Shosuro Lord bought her contract. They had a daughter and a son, who were raised as servants within their father's home. [2]

Death Edit

The oni which gave the power to the nemuranai, Chocho no Oni, escaped the weakened control of Man-etsu. She sacrificed herself to save her family [1] when a half-dozen oni stormed her family's courtyard. Hojiako, her daughter, was the last one to see Man-etsu alive, and passed to her the tainted hairpins. The Shosuro lord adopt her children as full samurai. [2]


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