Honored Treaty City

Honored Treaty City (P18)

Honored Treaty City (P18) was located in the Agasha provinces, [1] within the Anshin province, [2] the southernmost city in Phoenix lands. [3] It became the final repository for a peace treaty that ended a bitter struggle between the Lion and Phoenix. The war had broken out in the 5th century, and raged for many years until it was ended when both parties sued for peace. [4] [5] [6]

Festival Edit

Those who died in the Battle of Three Stone River were remembered in the fourth day of Month of the Horse, when a procession was formed at Honored Treaty City and led to the site of the original battle. [7]

Emerald Champion's meeting point Edit

Four times a year the city was visited by the Emerald Champion, to be given the obliged periodical report by the Emerald Magistrates of the provinces nearby. [8]

Artisan Dojo Edit

The Shiba Artisan Dojo was built in the city. [9]

Kankei Seiden Edit

Kankei Seiden was the formal estates of the Nasu vassal family of the Shiba located in this city. The Shiba sanctioned a formal dojo of their bushi school within the estates. [10]

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Temple of the Fourteen Hands was the entrance to the Phoenix lands since the Dawn of the Empire. It grew at an extraordinary rate, so it was necessary to accomodate the incoming guests of the Phoenix in an alternative place. In the north of the temple, on a nearby plain, it was built a city, which would be known as Honored Treaty City. [11]

Lion Dojo Edit

One of the Shiba Governors ordered the construction of a dojo exclusively for the use of Lion guests. [3]

Lion-Phoenix Alliance Edit

In the 12th century Hantei Naseru brokered a new treaty between the two clans in this city. [12] The nearby Honored Treaty Plains was the site of the first victory for the Phoenix-Lion alliance during the Dragon-Phoenix War. It was achieved by Matsu Nimuro. [13] After the Lion withdrawal from Phoenix lands, Shiba Aikune had a violent confrontation with the remaining Lion advisors. He personally came to the city and burned the treaty with the power of Isawa's Last Wish. The Phoenix built the Shiba Barracks to defend the city against a possible Lion retaliation. [12]

Mirabu's Death Edit

In 1168 the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Mirabu and the Isawa's Last Wish were destroyed by the mighty Shugenja Isawa Sezaru in a temple's city. [1]

Known Governors Edit


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