Mamono was a supai oni which infiltrated as a human to kill its victims. [1]

Appearance Edit

Mamono was a shapeshifter which could appear as a human. In its true form Mamono was a fat, muscled, bloody creature, with a single eye and spider's fangs protruding from its stomach. Its hands were serrated blades of bone. [1] The mamono devoured its prey through the orifice on is stomach. Its digestive process dissolved the soft tissue and spitted out the rest of the body, a fact that the Kuni Witch Hunters used to track them down. [2]

Abilities Edit

Mamono could become invisible, using weapons or its bone hands to kill. Daylight harmed the oni, but it would resurrect in hours if killed at night. It could not regenerate itself if its body was cut in three pieces or more and buried separately. [1]

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