Born: Unknown 
Titles: Member of the Seven Sohei

Asako Makito was a bloodspeaker and tainted monk of the Phoenix Clan, a Student of Kinuye. He later left the Phoenix and became a member of the Brotherhood of Shinsei named Makito, within the Order of Death. He was selected as one of the Seven Sohei.

City of Tears Edit

Makito was a student of Asako Kinuye, leader of a cultist cell. He was stationed on the City of Tears, a sacrosanct city that had been forbidden to dwell within it by the Elemental Masters since the War of Spirits. The cultists used it as their hidden center of power. [1]

Exposed Edit

Asako Makito

Asako Makito

Scrolls retrieved by Shiba Jouta and the ronin Motaro from the lair of the Cult of the Dead Moon, a rival cell devoted to Onnotangu, were deciphered by students of Asako Bairei. There were a number of references to sinister adversaries' and blasphemers' that dwelled within a city in the forest. The Phoenix Clan Champion sent Shiba magistrates to the City of Tears, the possible city indicated in the scrolls. Makito used his maho power to destroy them. The lack of notice from the patrol led in more investigations [1] and eventually would lead in the destruction of the cell. [2]

Asako Bairei Edit

When the Master of Water Asako Bairei came to question Kinuye, Makito prepared to kill the Elemental Master. [3] Isawa Seiga knew it was too late. The work of his Lady had been undone. [4] In the ensuing battle with Kinuye and her followers Bairei barely survived. [2]

Brotherhood of Shinsei Edit

Makito regreted his sins and left his clan, becoming a member of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, named Makito, [5] in the Order of Death. [6]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War he and other monks were spirited by the letters of Rokku, formerly a Lion. He wrote that the time for action had come, so he had decided to leave the monastic life and march to the battlefield again. Makito, Rokku's cousin, Itoku, also another Lion retired monk, and Tokiko, a former Phoenix shugenja, came to met Rokku. The group departed to fight the Destroyers. Makito was seeking penance, he believed his sins were too great to be forgiven without exceptional opportunity. [5] They became the group known as the Seven Sohei. [7]

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