Please note: This article is about the ronin. For other uses of the term, please see Makiko (disambiguation).

Makiko was a ronin groom on the stables at Kyuden Asako. In 1160 she was possessed by a Greater Kansen, Boutoku, and her soul trapped in the Ruby of Iuchiban. While imprisoned she was raped by Asako Kyoji, the son of the Master of the Asako Libraries, Asako Akahito. Makiko did not see her attacker while trapped in the ruby, but she could hear the attack. When Makiko's spirit returned to her body she doubles over in pain. Deep cuts, broken ribs, and facial bruises were the physical results of the attack. [1]

She had a lover, Moto Jiro, a young violent Unicorn who was a guest there. [2]


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