Maigosera Seido

Shrine of Lost Sailors (M5)

The Shrine of Lost Sailors (M5) in the Maigosera province, [1] was located in an island [2] within Thunder Dragon Bay. [3]

Appearance Edit

It was a monument to sobriety, a deadly, mournful reminder that even the Mantis did not fully master the sea. It consisted in a single torii arch and obelisk. No battle ever tooke place there as it was seen as a holy place, a memorial for countless thousands whose lives had been lost. [4]

Firelight Edit

The shrine had beside it a massive bonfire, alway lit, in the great tower that rose up, looking out Wan no Asaguroi Mizu and Umi Yakamo. The fire was kept in the hopes that those lost souls at sea would see the light and return to Rokugan to find peace. Some claimed that horrible creatures lived at the bottom of the bay, and local sailors had a tradition where they threw rice over the side of the boat when crossing the bay to avert curses on their heads from below. [5]

History Edit

Residence of the Thunder Dragon Edit

The temple was the place where the Thunder Dragon was living in 1200, [2] when she was visited by Iuchi Namida. [3]

Rise of JigokuEdit

In 1200 the Mantis Islands were overrun by a Shadowlands horde. Many Mantis were evacuated, included a handful of monks from Maigosera Seido who fled the relentless slaughter falling into the Thunder Dragon Bay and awaking on the shore of Chrysanthemum Petal Lake. [3]


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