Lost Samurai Village

Lost Samurai Village (D5)

Lost Samurai Village (D5) was an ancient village in the Kousou province. [1]

Founding Edit

The small village was established by the first followers of Togashi who became lost in their search for him. When they were eventually discovered by the Kami he was so impressed by their survival that he made them Dragon samurai. [2]

History Edit

Attacked by Ogres Edit

Before the Clan War the village was attacked by a band of Ogres and bandits, nearly destroying it in their rampage. It was this attack that killed the family of Mirumoto Sanzo. [3] The population was decimated, and a pall has hung over it ever since. [2]

Deserted Edit

When the Kami's Wrath erupted in 1155 at the Dark Oracle of Fire Tamori's request, [4] the lava and ash were an immediate threat to the village, and those who lived there fled. The village remained inhospitable throughout the Dragon-Phoenix War, until the volcano was quieted by the Tamori. [3]

Zokujin Edit

The Zokujin Rejn Tribe made Maigo no Samurai Mura their home, the same that had entered into an alliance with Tamori Shaitung in the mountains to the south. The creatures used several buildings throughout the village, but their primary home lid in the Rejn Caverns, that they had dug underneath beneath the village. The peasants of Lost Samurai Village initially were not particularly pleased with their current arrangement, but the Tamori's insistence on maintaining positive interaction superceded their personal desires. [3] The Zokujin gradually came to respect the humans and learn of their culture, even adopting some of their expressions and clothing. [5]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 the city was attacked by the local bloodspeaker cell during the Blood Hunt. They gathered dozens of samurai and peasant alike into the small shrine in the heart of the city and then proceeded to set the building ablaze. Unicorn soldiers rode into the city, bolstering the surviving Dragon defenders and destroying the cultists. [6]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 the city was attacked by the yobanjin Army of Fire during the War of Dark Fire. [7]


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