The Maharaja's Vault kept the treasures of the Maharaja, [1] in one of the lower levels of the Ivory Palace. Wards were placed in the entrance, and more powerful ones placed over the treasures within the chamber, ensuring that any of Kingdomite blood who violated the wards would draw the wrath of the spirits of all past Maharaja. [2]

Ruined Kingdoms Edit

In 1168 [3] the Ivory Kingdoms were destroyed by the followers of Kali-Ma, and only ruins remained of the Palace. Several years after the end of the Destroyer War, Anshu, a half-Rokugani, found the remnants of the palace. He waited ten years until the son of the last Maharaja, Kamalakar, gave Anshu the information he needed to dispel the wards in the entrance, but not the wards protecting the treasures. In 1199 Mirumoto Kojinrue discovered the place and took books of lore, leaving the rest of the treasures in the vault. They were chased by the spirits of the Maharajas, hungry for revenge for those who broke the seal of their treasures. [2]


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