"Maharaja" was the title of the ruler of the Ivory Kingdoms. His rule was much like that of Rokugan's Emperor, absolute and all-powerful. The Maharaja ruled over the Raja, who in turn ruled Houses of Kshatriya. Houses governed and protected territories through out the Ivory Kingdoms, similar to the Great Clans and their territories. [1] In the Kingdoms' earliest history the monarchs were known as Ikshwaku. [2]

Maharaja's palace Edit

The Maharaja's palace was located between two peaks and it dominated the sightseeing all around. Its majesty could be seen from any high point nearby. [3]

Ruined Kingdoms Edit

In 1172 the Mantis Clan visited the Ivory Kingdoms and found them destroyed and without any survivors. The Maharaja's palace was gone. [3]


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