Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Magobei was a bloodspeaker who lived near the Beiden Pass.

Blood Hunt Edit

When Iuchiban forced his servants to action, driving them to self-destructive acts of chaos, Magobei rejoiced. His teacher hesitated and Magobei killed him. He went with his fellow cultists to the ruins of the Beiden Pass to make an undead horde. The pass had been ruined in the War of Spirits, when the armies of the Steel Chrysantemun were lured there and the Toturi's loyalist used their magic to destroy the pass and the soldiers that were passing there. The Jade Champion, Asahina Sekawa had foreseen this plot, and planted strong guards. When the bloodspeakers used their maho to raise the corpses, they were surprised that Tadaka's Children were awakened instead. Sekawa and the clay soldiers killed them all. [1]


  1. Blood Hunt (Region 36 - Konopiska, Poland)

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