Magistrate Residence (Ryoko Owari)

The Magistrate Residence

The Magistrate Residence was located in the New Section of Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Appearance Edit

It was a tall, stark, formidable, and imposing building, with walls made of stone to endure a siege. The solemnity of the business room and garden was Matsu Shigeko's legacy. Ide Shikibu gifted a tall tree which bursted forth bright red flowers in spring. Inside Ashidaka Naritoki's influence was seen in the opulent private quarters, decorated with the colors or motifs of the Crane Clan. [1] It had an attached prison chambers and one of the most well-stocked torture chambers in the Empire. [2]

Magistrate Residence (Ryoko Owari) 2

The Magistrate Residence


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