Magic Mud

Magic Mud

Magic Mud was a term used to describe a sort of flammable black goo found in the Shadowlands and used in battle by goblins. [1]

Use in Battle Edit

The discovery of this mud became a creative way to mimick the flaming arrows of the samurai archers. The selected goblin would be rolled around in the magic mud and then set alight by his fellow goblins. As the flaming creature ran towards the samurai ranks, some would stay still, the surprise rivetting them to the spot. This would often result quite a lot of wounds due to the lack of reaction of the astonished samurai. Being set on fire was considered an honor amongst goblins. Indeed, the terrible wailing of the chosen one was considered a sign of Fu Leng giving them the battle fury they need to vanquish the enemy. [1]

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Magic Mud

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