Magda was a gaijin storyteller maiden. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Magda was a curious and devious woman, who would plot to reach her goals. [1]

Appearance Edit

Magda had tangled yellow hair and blue sky colored eyes. [2]

Early Years Edit

Magda homeland was far beyond the Burning Sands. There, it was winter for half the year and the mountain tops have eternal ice. Giant wolves of size of houses roamed these lands. These creatures were hunted by Magda's family. [3] Tales about these lands located them north to Rokugan. [4]

Entering Rokugan Edit

When a Unicorn caravan passed her village in the Burning Sands she hidden herself in one of their carts. When discovered she begged to stay and worked for them. Magda's ability to tell stories about Khadi, giants, and others, proven her worthy. [1]

Attacked by Rocs Edit

During her transit to Rokugan the caravan was attacked by Hawk Riders, and the caravan was only safe after the caravan master made a deal with the mischievous mujina, who distracted and confused the bird riders. [3]

Geisha House Edit

Eventually she was permitted to take up residence in Ryoko Owari Toshi. [1] Magda owned and run the Geisha House of Foreign Stories as a vassal of Shinjo Sanefusa and his father Shinjo Yoshifusa. Her competitor Jewel, who run the House of the Morning Star, ambitioned to destroy Magda's business. [5] Magda had ear for gossip, rumor, and bad news, using it for her own interest. [6]

Bored Edit

As storyteller Magda wished to move to another places, but her gaijin condition did not allow it. She needed travel papers signed by her Unicorn patron and by the city's Emerald Magistrate, Ashidaka Naritoki. Magda devised a plan, to become Naritokis lover, introduce him to a convenient geisha, and began to upset him with her jealous attitude than he had no other option to sent her away from the city, without exiling Magda from Rokugan. The threat to expose Naritoki's love for a geisha would stop the exile possibility. [1]

Mistress Edit

Magda was Naritoki's mistress, and he used to visit Magda in her house. He was nice and gifted her with a Samisen, and used to write there his journal, but she swore to not tell about it to others. [7] The plan failed when Naritoki was murdered in 1122. [1]


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