Magari-Yarijutsu was one of the major martial arts.

History Edit

This art was exclusively practiced by the Matsu family. This art was based on the use of the triple-bladed spear named the Magari-Yari, an aggressive art designed for mortal combat. There were no defensive maneuvers, as the goal was to kill the opponent before he killed you. Matsu Gohei, the Butcher, was a famous master of this art. [1] Matsu Aoiko also mastered the art. [2]

Style and Purpose Edit

Magari-yarijutsu was an elegant and aggressive art, designed exclusively for mortal combat. It was filled with broad sweeping maneuvers and brutal thrusts. There were no defensive maneuvers, for the style was intended to kill an opponent before he had the opportunity to defend himself. [1]

Training Edit

Sensei at all major Lion dojo watched for keen students who excelled in the use of polearms, who were sent to a particular dojo in the Matsu lands. Those who completed their training often received prestigious posts in the Lion Clan Army. [3]

  • A novice learned to exploit the advantage of a weapon that was far longer than the traditional weapons used by samurai.
  • The intermediate student could perform brutal charges, impaling unwary opponents upon his blade.
  • An advanced student could make desperate attacks with the magari-yari, even at the expense of his own life.
  • The expert could deliver increasingly brutal strikes.
  • A true master was an engine of destruction on the battlefield.

Known Advanced Maneuves Edit


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