Created by: Agasha
First used by: Mirumoto
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Machimasu, literally “I Wait”, was the Ancestral Armor of the Mirumoto family. [1]

Appearance Edit

Machimasu was a dull green Heavy Armor whose plates were worked to resemble dragon scales. The armor was made flexible to harmonize with the fast, agile Niten style. It allowed the wearer to adapt to incoming attacks with blinding speed. [1]

History Edit

Mirumoto Edit

Machimasu was crafted by Agasha to Mirumoto only months before he would be called to face Fu Leng. She explained Mirumoto had always been a Dragon and he had simply waited for the man Mirumoto used to be to find him. Mirumoto wore the armor when he died on the first Day of Thunder. [2]

Recovered Edit

Hundreds of years later the armor was recovered by a Hiruma Scouting party that had become lost in the Shadowlands. Machimasu had not been tainted, and a historian of the Kuni family eventually recognized the mon of the armor. The Kuni Daimyo passed it to the Dragon Clan. Since that time, Machimasu had remained in the hands of the Mirumoto family. Because the Mirumoto Daimyo must often spend his time in court, they left generalship to other samurai who wore the armor in his stead. [1]


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