Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Ambassador from Jigoku

The Ma'Ghul was the ambassador from Jigoku in the Burning Sands.

Appearance Edit

The Ma'Ghul had a featureless face and long, slender limbs. Light and vision slipped from its edges to be lost in the gathering pools of darkness surrounding it. [1]

Bligted Realms Edit

Israk, the brother of the Jinn Lord Kaleel, was seeking his brother for many centuries in the Black Earth. The Ma'Ghul met him and granted the power to find his fallen brother and see beyond the Jinn lord's phantom nobility. [1]

Jackal Edit

The first faction he allied with were the Jackal. [2]

Kaleel Edit

After the Awakening and the destruction of the Ebon Stone, the Kaleel's Legion roamed again the Burning Sands. The Jinn Lord Kaleel returned impersonating Onaja, an Ashalan infant kidnapped for that purpose. The Ma'Ghul was part of Kaleel's court, in the jinn citadel. [1]

The Khayel Edit

The Ma'Ghul counseled Kaleel to ally with the Khayel, the entity known as the Lying Darkness by the Moto Clan. Israk, who had fought against [1]

Attacked Edit

During an attack of Kaleel's Legion against the Citadel of the Celestial Alliance, the Kaleel's citadel suffered a counterattack. The Shadow-Jinn Israk was released and summoned the Quest. Sayel entered the mortal realm and consumed Kaleel and his legion. After unmaking the Jinn, the Sayel threatened to spiral out of control, until Israk managed to funnel it into the heavens, where beings greater than those of our world could hope to oppose it. [1] The fate of the Ma'Ghul was unknown.

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