M'atch-tek, "Path-to-the-next-night", [1] was the nezumi term for "Tomorrow", synonymous with death or the future, and in some cases to describe a being that might bring about death, as powerful as a god. The Nezumi believed that tomorrow hated them, hunting the Nezumi, and even the fastest runner could not escape. [2]

Race Against Tomorrow Edit

The Nezumi saw Tomorrow as a sentient and malignant force, chasing them endlessly, which hated the Nezumi, and would hunt them until they were all dead. Death and passage into Yesterday was inevitable, but Nezumi could face it bravely and ensure his life allowed his pups and his tribe to keep running. [3] Many Nezumi embraced an ideal called "racing tomorrow" (kufl-m'atch-tek). According to this philosophy life must be lived to the fullest. [2]

Chasing Tomorrow Edit

Tomorrow did not come for the nezumi. It came for their dreams, it threatened the Transcendents. When the nezumi realized it in 1169, they knew they had to fight against Tomorrow, or their last memories would be lost. [4] It was a long held belief that tomorrow would eventually catch the last Nezumi, and a great battle wouldbegin. If the last Nezumi killed tomorrow, he would steal tomorrow's power and create the race anew. If the last Nezumi died, their legacy would vanish into dreams. [2]

After Time Edit

Fighting Tomorrow 2

Fighting Tomorrow

The Chief of Chiefs Kan'ok'ticheck led the forces of the One Tribe into Yume-do to protect the Nezumi Transcendents. The realm itself was in danger, and joined with the Trascendents to restabilize it. They won the Battle of Tomorrow, but all the nezumi involved were trapped in Yume-do. For Rokugan the nezumi had ceased to exist. [5] From their perspective, Nezumi history was divided into three periods – the Before Time, the Race Against Tomorrow, and the After Time. [3]

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