Lost Traveler Castle

Lost Traveler Castle

Lost Traveler Castle was a ronin settlement located north in the Empire, [1] within the Kougen province. [2]

Secluded castle Edit

It was virtually impossible to stumble across by chance. It was safely out of the way of more or less everything. Only those truly seeking it, with a good notion of its general location, or those who were completely and utterly lost with no hope of finding their way again, could come across it. [1]

Legion of Two Thousand Edit

Lost Traveler Castle 2

Lost Traveler Castle

The Legion of Two Thousand made it one of their principle bases of operation in the northern Empire, [1] serving as a forward staging ground for ronin guarding the northern borders and keeping watch over the ruins of Shiro Chuda on the Dragon Heart Plain. The dojo of the Legion of the Wolf, the so-called “Wolf's Lair,” was reestablished there once that ronin band combined with the Legion. [3]

Imperial Legions Base Edit

The Imperial Legions stockpiled supplies for operations against the Yobanjin. Imperial Magistrates used the castle as a base in this part of the Empire. [3]

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