The Lost City was a nezumi city found by in 1165 that had been transported to Yume-do more than a thousand years ago.

Moved to Yume-do Edit

Suiteiru no Oni was one of the first demons to terrorize Ningen-do, and grew in strength until it became one of Fu Leng's most greatest warriors. It was tasked with destroying a Nezumi city. The demon underestimated the power of nezumi Name Magic, which the Nezumi Shamans used to erase the name of the city and everything in it. The city was moved into the Yume-do, and Suiteiru was kept along with it. For over a thousand years they were trapped. [1]

Retrieved from Yume-do Edit

In 1165 the Tsuno Soultwisters dragged the nezumi city back, three days travel from the City of the Lost. [1] Hiruma Scouts had discovered the Lost City and rushed to report its existence to the Crippled Bone Tribe, but Daigotsu's Obsidian Magistrates knew that this strange magic would be better put to use by the Stained Paw Tribe. The Crippled Bone looted the ruins long before the Stained Paw could arrive. [2] Daigotsu Manobu and his magistrates patrolled the, obsessed for hunting the nezumi that dwelled there. Daigotsu Takima found and released Suiteiru no Oni, who eventually killed Manobu, [1] to demónstrate his power to Daigotsu, to whom he wished to prove his devotion. A handful of nezumi escaped to warn the other tribes of the demon's actions. [3]


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