Lord Moon's Bones
Lord Moons Bones
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Hitomi
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Lord Moon's Bones was a katana made with one of Onnotangu's bones. [1] The sword was made of a black, metallic substance, somewhat resembling obsidian. How it came to be crafted into a sword, and by whom, remained a mystery. [2]

Abilities Edit

Lord Moon's Bones was a blade which allowed its wielder to easily behead his opponents. When drawn it caused everyone nearby to falter and lose their resolve. As a drawback the wielder could be overcome with Onnotangu's rage, killing any person near him in a homicidal rage, losing the memories of the incident after the samurai recovered his sanity. [3]

Creation Edit

After Hantei severed his father's hand prior to the Fall of the Kami, the severed hand fell to Ningen-do. The forearm bone was taken by unknown parties and from it crafted a katana that came to be known as Lord Moon's Bones, and the blade appeared periodically throughout Rokugan's history, usually aiding some nefarious purpose. [3]

Hitomi's Quest Edit

It was one of the artifacts of Lord Moon which were collected by Hitomi in order to kill Onnotangu. [4] [5] Members of the Cult of Onnotangu managed to steal the nemuranai, and defeated a group of Hitomi's loyalist who chased them. There was only one survivor monk, who was cared by a group of wandering samurai. They eventually discovered the true nature of the monk, and his dealings with the taint. The Bones were retrieved by the samurai who in turn passed them to the Dragon Thunder. [6]

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