Lord Hayato was a bandit who wrecking havoc in Dragon lands. [1]

Bandits in the Ikoma land Edit

Ikoma Otemi took care of bandit brigades of Lord Hayato, clearing them out from Ikoma lands. From the saddlebag of a dead bandit's horse, his chief shugenja, Ikoma Tashiro found the map which shown the location of a lost island holding, the Island in the Mist. [2]

Wounded in Moneky lands Edit

Lord Hayato ambushed Toturi Kyoji and Toku Koto, who had still not passed their gempukku. Hayato took the strange stone the brothers were carrying, supposedly a Corpse Stone, an ancient relic of Iuchiban. Koto fled and Kyoji challenged Hayato. The Lord toyed with Kyoji but he was wounded by a surprise attack of the Monkey heir, who fled followed by one of the bandits. The rest of the gang surrounded Little Tower, where they supposed the brothers would arrive. They killed the guards and raised zombies but were defeated by Toku and his men. [3]


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