The Lonely Monastery was built into the side of the mountain Regret, a high peak which isolated the remote valley in the Twilight Mountains known as the Lair. It was constructed as a place for aged samurai to retire, and later became home to those monks who were guests of the Boar. The wooden temple also became a home for artistry. [1]

Shrine's Caretaker Edit

The monks of the temple were caratakers of the only shrine in the valley's village, and statues displayin many Fortunes sat on the path that led up to the Monastery from the Shrine to Shinsei. [1]

Unknown Fortune Edit

Deep within the Monastery was a statue that tested the soul of all who looked on it, making them feel as if there was no escape from the trap of kharmic rebirth. It depicted a stylized man recoiling in abject horror, tears streaming down his face; an inscription on the base says only, “A Fortune.” [1]

Known Monks Edit


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