Living Memory 
Living Memory 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Titles: Ra'Shari Champion,
Keeper of the Chronicle

The Living Memory was the Ra'Shari Champion, Keeper of the Chronicle and leader of the Great Caravan of Memory. His original name was lost in the ages.

Keeper of the Chronicle Edit

Living Memory was the oldest gypsy in the long line of old gypsies roaming the Burning Sands. He had been with the caravan since well before anyone could remember, collecting stories and bits of knowledge, and storing them away for safekeeping. All gypsies cherished history, and tried to honor the past through acute memory and constant conversation. But the Living Memory could account for events that happened when he was nowhere near, and recite genealogies from many hundreds of years ago, when he could not possibly have been alive. [1] He remembered the time when his kin was known as the Ujik-hai. [2]

Return of the Jinn Edit

When he was young a band of jinn were seen in the Burning Sands. [1] The jinn had been erased from the sands in the Day of Wrath, [3] and the ones remaining were beyond the mountains that limited the desert. Shilah, Lady Sun, was angry to see again her children, and the young Ra'Shari who would become the Living Memory, was sent to defer them back. [1]

Yodotai Edit

He found and talked with a Yodotai group inside a cave, and all of them resembled ghostly humans. They told another kingdom beyond the mountains, the Yodotai, had followed them. They were looking for something they lost long ago. The jinn led them in circles in the Burning Sands, who expected the invaders would drop following their own tracks. [1]

Jinn curse Edit

After the return of the jinns to the Sands the wrath of Shilah came upon them, and they guessed were all cursed, plagued by an evil spirit intent on killing them all. The jinns asked the help of the Ra'Shari, who had the greatest knowledge on curses in the Sands. At the same time, the Yodotai were being led to the gipsies. [1]

Meeting the Yodotai Edit

When he was old, in 1130 he sent Shagala to find the Yodotai, who were led to the Ra'Shari camp. The scouting group was in the brink of exhaustion. The Living Memory believed they would be instrumental in fulfilling the prophecy known as Awakening. [1]

Death Edit

He died in 1132 and Raya became the Ra'Shari de facto Leader. [4] The new Keeper of the Chronicle was Qer Apet. [3] Shagala became the new leader of the Great Caravan of Memory. [5]

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Preceded by:
Ra'Shari Champion
? - 1132
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Keeper of the Chronicle
? - 1132
Succeeded by:
Qer Apet

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