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The following is a list of some of the most famous literary works of Rokugan, arranged chronologically:

First Century Edit

Title Written By Year
Chronicle of Rokugan Togashi 1st century (beginning)
Niten Mirumoto Hojatsu 1st century, predated "The Sword"
The Sword Kakita 1st century, before 33
Celestial Agonies Goju 1st century
Divine Branch Otomo Yamato 1st century
Empty Hand Lecture Shinsei's student 1st century
Lotus Teaching Shinsei's student 1st century
Leadership Akodo 1st century
Shugenja Taryu-Jiai Kakita and Isawa Ujikki 1st century
Kumitae Shinsei 1st century
Nazo Bubun no Agasha Agasha 1st century
Tao of Shinsei Shinsei and Hantei
Transcribed by Shiba
Black Scrolls Isawa 42
My Mother, the World Doji Nio 1st century
Agasha's Journals Agasha 1st century
Comprehensive History of the Empire of Rokugan Ikoma (c. 82)
Prophecies of Uikku Uikku 72 - 90

Second Century Edit

Title Written By Year
Journals of Kuni Nakanu Kuni Nakanu (c. 100)
Book of Sun Tao Sun Tao 145
Writings of Doji Hatsuo and Soshi Saibankan Doji Hatsuo and Soshi Saibankan 153
Leadership Akodo Haru 169
Lies Bayushi Tangen 170
Little Truths Bayushi Tangen 170
Tale of Genji Seppun's youngest son 2nd century

Third - Fourth Centuries Edit

Title Written By Year
Kawaru Isawa Teruyo 3rd century
Father and Daughter Shosuro Furuyari 3rd-4th century
The Death of Hantei Shosuro Furuyari 3rd-4th century
The Mask Shosuro Furuyari 3rd-4th century
Relations Between Ruler and Subject Doji Raigu 376
No Heiwa Miya Sadamasa (c. 400)

Fifth - Eleventh Centuries Edit

Title Written By Year
The Emperor's Blessing Miya Mai 472
The Seppuku of Akodo Meikuko Ikoma Sukemi 509
Articles of Heaven Seppun Hanako 622
Subtlety of Court Otomo Madoko 689
Creeping Earth Ki-Rin Clan (c. 815)
The Twists of False Madness Kuni Mataemon (c. 815)
Use of Siege Engines Kaiu Kamato (c. 850)
Burning Words Fu Leng 9th century
Gakiken Toritaka Iemasa 9th century
The Dragonlands Isawa Gojundo 9th century
Worlds in Her Eyes Gosano 9th century
Closing Night Hiruma Nabuko 10th century
History of Ryoko Owari Yogo Morosuke 1006
Dreams and Follies Bog Hags 1025
A Visitor's Guide to Ryoko Owari Soshi Komachi 1047
Guide to the Shadowlands Kuni Mokuna 11th century
Meifumado Ide Tadahito 11th century
A Treatise in the Research and Methodology of Kuni Mokuna Daidoji Nazoko 11th century
Winter Kakita Ryoku 11th century

Twelfth Century Edit

Title Written By Year
Fusaki's Journal Fusaki 12th century
A Treatise on the Nature of the Oracles Isawa Kaede (c. 1120)
Memoirs of an Opium Eater Shiba Shonagon (published anonymously) 1122
Naritoki's Journal Ashidaka Naritoki 1122
Ronin Hamuko 12th century (1120's)
Isawa Tsuke's Journal Isawa Tsuke 12th century (1120's)
Ravings of Yogo Junzo Yogo Junzo 12th century (1120's)
Story of Ashgara Doji Shizue | 12th century (1120's)
Kappuksu's Story Doji Shizue | 12th century (1120's)
Dark Tidings Doji Shizue (c. 1128)
Prophecies of Yurito Asako Yurito 1128
Oaths and Betrayals Kuni Yori 1128
New Tao The Hooded Ronin and Toturi
Transcribed by Isawa Osugi
Norikazu's Ravings Isawa Norikazu 1129
Judgement Tsuruchi Hakobe 12th century
Journals of Kitsuki Kaagi Kitsuki Kaagi 12th century (c. 1132)
Persistence Hida Unari (c. 1136)
Snow and Fire Unknown 12th century
Heroes of Rokugan Miya Mashigai 12th century
Collected letters of Iuchi Xien Iuchi Xien 12th century
The Forgotten Son Doji Tanitsu 12th century (1150's)
Tansho Chronicles Doji Storyteller 12th century
The Makings of an Empire Ide Tadaji 12th century (1160's)
Journal of Iuchi Yue Iuchi Yue (c. 1163)
Toturi III's Journal Toturi III 12th century (1160's)
Chronicle of the New Heaven Miya Toshimi (c. 1170)
Chronicles of the Bitter Spring 12th century (c. 1173)
Chronicle of Bright Fire Unknown 12th century (1170's)
Utagawa's Journal Utagawa 12th century
Tale of the Jade Widow Unknown 12th century
Journals of Yasuki Miliko Yasuki Miliko 12th century
Legacy of a Pearl and a Dream Unknown (c. 1198)

Unknown Dates Edit

Title Written By Year
Bayushi's Promise Bayushi Namaru
Before the Thunder Asako Hojoshio
Book of Souls Fu Leng
Burning Stones Asako Seisha
Day of Thunder Kakita Uniko
Eyes and Ears Doji Yosei
Footsteps in the Snow Akodo Wujen
Guwahime's Fables Bayushi Guwahime
Histories of Akshakir Akshakir
Legacy of Jama Suru Jama Suru
Letters From the Wall Kakita Kanmaru
Manyoshu Ikoma Ume
Mara's Journals Mara
Masiko Hida Nareiko
Mercy Matsu Sinoku
Of the Superstitions of Rokugan's Half-People Yasuki Masahine
Rezan's Awakening Rezan
Scrolls of Taikyo Kaiu Taikyo
Tao of Fu Leng Fu Leng
The Traitor Yogo Anaido
The Valiant Akodo Keikyo Ikoma Daikaji
Those Who Would Save the Empire Agasha Ginden
Virtue Ikoma Jijo
Way of the Peaceful Sword Shiba Rokkujo
Wisdom of the Heavens Seppun scribes
Writings of Fudo Fudo
Yajinden's Scrolls Yajinden
Yajinden's Journals Yajinden

Unknown Authors Edit

Title Written By Year
A Crash Course In Mujina Studies Unknown
Alone of Days Unknown
Death of Lady Doji Unknown
Forbidden Scrolls Unknown
I Ching Unknown
Ikoma's Victory Unknown
Kinkyo no Kida Unknown
Lessons of Oyo Unknown
Sanshien's Fascination Unknown
Shattered Sun Unknown
Siege of the Heart Unknown
Stories of Shinsei Unknown
Tale of Hoshi Unknown
Tale of the Bright Star Unknown
Tale of the Scorpion and the Frog Unknown

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