This is a list of types of weapons by general category.

Bows Edit

Bows were considered a principal weapon for samurai. They were carried unstrung to avoid stretching or breaking the bowstring. [1]

Arrows Edit

Chain Weapons Edit

Chain weapons were comprised of one or two weapons attached by a length of chain. They were extremely uncommon, due to the sheer difficulty of their use. [2]

Polearms and Spears Edit

Polearms Edit

Spears Edit

Spears were the most common melee weapon among the tribes before the Dawn of the Empire. [3] It was employed by the Senpet and the City Guard of Medinaat al-Salaam. [4]

Heavy Weapons and Axes Edit

Ninja weapons Edit

Swords Edit

Knives Edit

War Fans Edit

Peasant Weapons Edit

Staves Edit

Miscellaneous Edit


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