The Lion was a symbol of courage and keen battle knowledge. [1] They were native to the plains of central Rokugan, and the Lion Clan occasionally used them in battle. [2]

The tale of the Lion and the Scorpion Edit

Once there was a lion which dared to boast its big size, bravery and strength in front of a scorpion. The small creature had stung the lion five minutes before, and when it was known by the lion it had nothing further to say, [3] tricked because of its pride, [4] dying upon the poisoning sting.

Benika's Pride Edit

Benika's Pride

Benika's Pride

The lion is a savage creature that fought as part of a group called a pride. [5] A well known Lion pack was the Benika's Pride, which accompanied the Beastmaster Matsu Benika. [6]

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