Lioness Legion

Lioness Legionnaire

Lioness Legion was a small, elite bushi unit of the Lion Clan.

Tactics Edit

They used fast and aggressive attacks at the heart of an enemy army. They accepted only female warriors into their ranks. The combat style left them vulnerable to counterattack, but they might strike at the openings presented by the counterstroke, using the Predator's Assault technique. [1]

Founding Edit

In the 10th century during a fight over possession of Shiro no Yojin the Daidoji were entrenched, ensuring that the castle could only be taken by siege. It was clear the necessity of a highly quick unit to take positions before they could became fortified. Matsu Yuriko found 50 of the finest natural female athletes among the Lion, brought them to her dojo, and inculcated them in her philosophy of female superiority on the field of battle. When the remaining 40 students were accustomed to Yuriko's brutal training regime, the Lioness Legion was formed, shock troops whose primary purpose was their almost supernatural speed, catching their enemies off guard. Members of the Legion carried virtually nothing save their armor and their daisho to maximize their speed. [2] In order to be eligible, a minor daimyo must submit the samurai's name and the samurai must submit to a test of physical as well as mental endurance. [3]

History Edit

Onboard the Deathless Edit

The Deathless was called into service by the Legion to deal with a smaller gaijin vessel filled with Destroyers. The ship had evaded Mantis patrols, but was eventually intercepted and destroyed by the Deathless on the northern shores of the Crane Clan. [4]

Uprisings Edit

The Legion put to ground a potential insurrection within the clan's easternmost provinces. It was claimed the threat originated from within the Legion of Two Thousand, which could not be proved. The Lion put the village to the torch. [5]

Betrayers to the Empire Edit

The Legion alongside the Bayushi Elite Guard engaged and defeated an enemy force whose members appeared to be Rokugani, but that they flew banners with symbols associated with the Destroyers. [6]

Unicorn lands Edit

The Legion worked with the Khol to destroy a large scouting party of Yobanjin within the Unicorn Clan provinces. [7]

Closing a portal Edit

A portal to Sakkaku was closed by the Lioness Legion, Daidoji Iron Warriors, and Mirumoto Elite Guard. [8]

Army of Fire Edit

The Legion also fought the yobanjin Army of Fire. The y intercepted and wiped out a scouting party. [9]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 the Legion was led by Matsu Kenji. They arrived the Badger lands seeking Daigotsu Oki as ordered by the Empress Iweko I. A superior force of Yobanjin ambushed them, but the intervention of a Shinjo Scouts detachment commanded by Shinjo Dun defeated the Army of Fire forces. [10]

Lion Champion Edit

Akodo Dairuko was trained within the Liones before she took the Lion Championship. [11]

Known Technique Edit

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