Lion Wardens

Lion Wardens

The Lion Wardens were the Lion units that patrolled the major roads of Lion and those who connected to the Imperial territories, acting as Magistrates and as Elite cavalry against any enemy or bandit who penetrated the Lion's borders.

Dojo Edit

Lion Wardens were trained at the Warden Stables dojo at Shiranai Toshi. [1] A Warden was expected to be able to survive in the wilderness, and to handle diplomatic issues when encountering and escorting visitors to the Lion territories. [2]

History Edit

The tradition was begun by Akodo One-Eye, and the Akodo were the first Wardens. Before the onset of the Clan Wars the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toturi began training the Wardens as an elite cavalry force. Matsu Agetoki was the Warden commander, and they were an essential component of the Lion military. They were extensive used in the War Against Shadow and the War of Spirits. In the years when the Akodo were non-existent the Ikoma family continued the tradition. Following the Akodo's reinstatement Akodo Ginawa reclaimed of the Wardens. Ikoma Otemi was also member of the Wardens. [3]

Since the alliance between the Crane and Lion, the Wardens shared this duty with the Daidoji family to help ensure that the roads around Toshi Ranbo remained safe. In addition to their duties as law enforcement agents, the Wardens also had the duty of patroling the Unicorn-Lion Borders, a duty of increased importance since the Clan's ongiong state of hostility with the Unicorn. Prior to the winter of 1168, the Khan made to minor incursions into Lion lands in preperation for his campaign. The Wardens failed to halt (or even detect) these incursions, a fact that brought shame upon the entire unit and resulted in the seppuku of many high ranking officers. [4]

In 1168 the Lion Clan Champion Ikoma Otemi sent the Wardens as the Lion rescue unit to find the wandering Emperor Toturi III. [5]

Destroyer War Edit

Ikoma Tomoi commanded the Ikoma Wardens during the Destroyer War. [6] The Wardens assisted in the patrol of the Dragon lands, taking a considerable toll on the scouting of the area performed by the Army of Fire. [7]

Plague Edit

In 1172 the Wardens ran down the Plague Zombies that escaped from the quarantine areas affected by the plague. [8]

Closing a portal to Gaki-do Edit

Asako Inquisitors, Ikoma Wardens, Lady Doji's Eyes, and Shinjo Scouts marshalled to prevent the opening of a portal to Gaki-do advised by the Master of Air Isawa Mitsuko. When they reached the place the portal was already opened and a nearby village attacked. Moto Kang closed the portal driving peasants into it, the way to make its closure possible. [9]

Legion of Two Thousand Edit

A joint force of Hiruma Stalkers, Kitsuki Justicars, and Wardens were moving through the region where the Mountains of Regret were located. They aided a detachment of the ronin Legion of Two Thousand who was being assaulted by an unseen enemy through Earth magic. The arrival of the combined force halted the attack. [10]

Crane Lands Edit

Kakita Idzuki leading the Lady Doji's Eyes requested the aid of Togashi Gato to intercept a Centuriae unit who had landed in the Daidoji lands. The Ise Zumi managed to kill the Destroyers' leader and the Wardens and Doji's Eyes turned the gaijin back to the sea. [11] The Doji's Eyes and the Ikoma Wardens marched to the Crane-Scorpion border to deal with plague outbreaks. The Dark Wind cavalry also appeared, destroying everything in their path rather than risk further spread of the plague. [12]

Wave of Oni Edit

A wave of Lesser Oni surged from the Crab lands to the provinces west of the Shinomen Mori. Ikoma Wardens and the Legion of Flame went to intercept the horde. [13] The oni pushed the Rokugani back across the Unicorn border. Khol Regulars were able to reach the line in time, and the swarm was destroyed. [14]

Palace of the Breaking Dawn Edit

The Wardens were again aiding the Legion of Two Thousand in the Battle at the Palace of the Breaking Dawn, defeating the forces of the ronin tyrant Karatsu and his allies, the forces of the Dark Oracle of Fire Chosai. [15]

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