Lion Elite Spearmen

Lion Elite Spearmen

The Lion Elite Spearmen served as a sort of cross between archery and infantry. They were an odd unit, largely obsolete, surpassed by trained archers centuries ago. However, spearmen remained as a traditional part of the Lion Clan Army. [1]

Founding Edit

Some believed that the spearmen were formed because the Kami Akodo, who was a skilled archer, considered the bow to be a weapon for hunting rather than warfare. Other said that they were formed after Akodo lost an eye, a wound that limited his ability to use a bow. It would provide the Clan with ranged attack support in battle, but without using the bow that would remind their lord of his loss. [1] The tribal warriors who followed Akodo were particularly skilled in the ways of the spear, and these spearmen formed the backbone of the Lion armies during the First War. Years later Matsu Shujo, one of Lady Matsu’s grandsons, organized their training and founded their first dojo. [2]

Tactics Edit

Each member carried a quiver filled with small nage-yari, which could be thrown or used in melee combat. Those who masteredthe nage-yari, used them with lethal force, firing them when the enemy approach close enough so that archers could no longer fire at them. Lion Elite Spearmen wore specialized and highiy stylized Light Armor which provided enough freedom of movement and a detachable quiver. In melee combat they were shock troops, suffering a sizable attrition rate. [3]

Obsolete Unit Edit

In modern times, these units were few in number and were considered by the other Great Clans to be something of a holdover from a simpler era. The school was maintained by the Matsu family and they formed the bulk of its students. [4]

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Lion Elite Spearmen 2

Lion Elite Spearmen

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