Lion Army Expansion

Clan War: Lion Army Expansion cover

Clan War: Lion Army Expansion was the sourcebook for the Lion Clan in the Clan War Miniatures Game for Legend of the Five Rings.

Credits Edit

  • Lead Designer: Ken Carpenter
  • Design Team: Marcelo Figueroa, Jim Pinto, Steve Hough, Erik Yaple
  • Written by Ken Carpenter
  • Excerpts from Way of the Lion by Patrick Kapera, John Wick, and Ree Soesbee
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: J. Callahan, Chris Dornaus, Carl Frank, William O'Connor, Ben Peck, Ramon Perez, Mike Raabe, Brian Snoody
  • Artwork Prepress: Steve Hough, Brendon Goodyear
  • Interior Layout: Steve Hough, Brendon Goodyear
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle, Ken Carpenter
  • Playtesters: Mathew Manders, Micheal Manders, Matt Wagner, Rob Love, Bill Green, Chris Dempsey, Todd Carlson, Mike Derouche, Will Eames, Greg Moore, Justice Sommer, Shane Anderson, Mark Greenwald, Paul Johnson, Shane Lindstrom, Randy Martin, Brian Olea, Greg Osburn, Steve Wagner, Frank Martin, Mathew Von Ranzow, Mike Varga, Shawn Megaw, Brian Pugnier, "J" Les Dougas, Mike Faneros, Jacob Lamitie, Bob King, Mark Perneta, Leland James, Sean Silva, Tony Rentas, Carlos Rentas, Dave Salsman, Peter Burrows
  • Clan War Miniatures Sculptors: Bob Charrette, Chris Fitzpatrick, Sandra Garrity, C. Brad Gorby, Jeff Grace, Bobby Jackson, Jim Johnson, Tom Meier, Dennis Mize, Bob Murch, Bob Olley, Tim Prow, Bob Ridolfi, Steve Saunders, Clint Staples, Dave Summers

History and Background (page 4) Edit

Ikoma Ujiaki 5

Ikoma Ujiaki

Today (page 13) Edit

  • Fiction depicting Matsu Keicko, who was overwhelmed by the loss of lives in combat. Akodo Kage pondered the lessons he had learned this day.

Rules Additions (page 15) Edit

Lion Heavy Regulars

Lion Heavy Regulars

Visions of the Past (page 27) Edit

Lion Clan Forces (page 29) Edit

Matsu Tsuko 5

Matsu Tsuko

  • Equipment Rules
  • Inter-Clan Relationships
  • Recruitment Cost Increase

Lion Clan Personalities (page 31) Edit

Ikoma Ryozo 4

Ikoma Ryozo

Lion Clan Units (page 47) Edit

Ikoma Pikemen

Ikoma Pikemen

Lion Clan Teatrise on Warfare (page 55) Edit

Matsu Agetoki 5

Matsu Agetoki

  • Lion Philosophy
  • Structure of the Lion Armies
  • Lion Armies
    • Command Structure
    • Organization of Troops
  • The Way of Akodo
  • Matsu Tao of Warfare