Lion-Phoenix War
Location: Phoenix lands
Date: (c. 353)
Major Forces: Lion,
Generals: Isawa Asahina
Battles of Rokugan

In the Lion-Phoenix War the Lion attacked the lands of the Phoenix Clan. [1]

Background Edit

The Lion had exhausted their own food resources, so they decided to expand in the Phoenix and Crane lands. For months, the Crane maneuvered in the Imperial Court, until they had the upper hand, forcing the Lion to sign a non-aggression treaty. This very night the Lion invaded the Valley of the Two Generals, and marched upon the Phoenix lands. [2]

Invasion of the Phoenix lands Edit

The Crane were trapped by their own treaty, which forbade to send support to their Phoenix allies. The Lion easily reached Shiro Shiba. The invaders were presed by the Crane, who had proclaimed a trade embargo against the invaders, cutting off Lion supply lines. [2]

Truce Edit

The war ended when the Crane Clan intervened cutting the Lion supply lines and proclaiming a trade embargo against Lion forces. A battle at Sleeping Thunder Mountain was interrupted by daidoji infantry backed by the political strength of Doji voices in the Imperial Court, so the Lion were forced to negotiate a truce. [1] [2]

Aftermath Edit

That truce gave the Lion the undisputed right to the lands which had once been held for the Unicorn. [2]

The Mad Shugenja Edit

Soon thereafter, a lone Phoenix shugenja, Isawa Asahina, began ransacking villages in Crane territory, killing anyone who stood between him and his revenge. The Crane Daimyo's daughter, Doji Kiriko, rode forth to stop him. She met him at Kimura village and refused to fight, earning many scars from his wrath, but after many days of passive resistance, she also earned his respect, in the battle called Victory With No Strike. [3]


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