The Lightning Squad was an elite unit of the Thunder Guards of Ryoko Owari. It was formed by fifty incorruptible men, who above the normal patrol and guard duties, spending their time at training and drills. [1]

Creation Edit

The squad was formed in the 12th century, upon patronage of Shosuro Jocho, the Guard's leader and son of the city's governor. [2]

Duty Edit

The Lightning Squad was a mounted unit of fifty members. They learned the meanings of a series of large banners that could be raised at the Dragon's Gate representing different city locations. When a bell was rung the Lightning Squad moved to the location indicated in the raised banner. [2]

Elite unit Edit

They were trained in horsemanship, made frequent drills, received extra pay, and a stipend to support two horses and two grooms, so that they could always have a horse ready for action. Admission into the unit was based solely on ability, and loyalty to Thunder Guard's leader. [2]

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