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Please note: This article is about the quarter that covered Teardrop Island. For other uses of the term, please see Ukiyo (disambiguation).
Licensed Quarter

Licensed Quarter

Licensed Quarter was one of the Quarters of Ryoko Owari Toshi, and it covered the Teardrop Island. It was aso known as 'Floating World' and 'Ukiyo'. [1]

Vice Quarter Edit

The first pleasure section at Ryoko Owari was located in the current Leatherworker Quarter, too close to the Noble Quarter. After the Lion invasion this area was destroyed, and the Governor legislated to conduct those activities onto Teardrop Island, where they could be more readily isolated from the rest of society. [2]

Peculiarities Edit

The business of entertainment was the only one there. Economic divisions were few, since the lowest class of establishments were restricted to the mainland, and no kajinin firemen existed. Similarly, social divisions were few, so only one neighborhood contained all the people, [3] it was not allowed leatherworkers to enter. [4]

Notable Locations Edit


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