The Liberation Day festival celebrated the releasement of Crab's hold on Ryoko Owari Toshi after one year of occupation during the Crab Invasion of Scorpion lands. It was held on the first day of every Month of the Ox. [1]

Festival Edit

In each district men dressed up in wooden or paper versions of Crab mempos and armor. Starting at the Moment's Edge Bridge they marched to Mountain Goblin's Rest Road, then towards the Gate of Oni's Teeth. They were invited by onlookers to trade their armor for food, drinks, or even the kisses of beautiful women. By the time they reached the Gate of Oni's Teeth, they were naked except for loincloths. They were given heavy stones and piled them in the Tower of the East Eye. Many in the parade were badly drunk at this time. A traditional food for this festival was crab meat stewed in sake, eaten from its own shell. [1]

Conspiracy theory Edit

Some investigators theorized there was a great conspiracy of sake merchants, geishas or people pretending to be geisha, who simply corrupted the Crab soldiers until they were too weak to hold the city. [2]


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