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Lesser Kansen of the Ruby of Iuchiban

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The Lesser Kansen of the Ruby of Iuchiban were the four mischievous lesser kansen Iuchi Mohai bound to the Ruby of Iuchiban, as protectors and servants of the stone. A Greater Kansen, Boutoku, was also bound to the Ruby.

Kansen Edit

  • Buyoka, Dancer, obliged its host to dance in dangerous places as the top of a high wall.
  • Fukumen, Mask, seemed the most normal at first, but attempted to kill a randomly chosen victim while wearing a mask. The bodies it possessed were all obsessive about sharp things.
  • Gomi, Garbage, obliged its host to eat garbage, attacking anyone who bothered him.
  • Mudabanashi, Gossip, obliged its host to chatter obsessively and insultingly.


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