Legion of the Jade Hand was a unit of the Crab Clan founded by Omen, the Oracle of Jade in 1169. [1]

Task Edit

The first members of the Legion were tasked to protect the Tao of Fu Leng in a tower secretly placed in the Twilight Mountains. Their lives were filled with secrecy and scrutiny, did not leave save at Omen's command, even for life. The Tao was being sought by the minions of Daigotsu and other creatures, so it was a dangerous station. [1] Countless tents and small stone barracks dotted the landscape around the tower. [2]

Joining the Legion Edit

Omen himself selected the members, and after he placed a hand on the armored shoulder of each man, a handprint of brilliant jade remained on the armor. [1] The selected members carried the favor of the Jade Sun through their pious nature and their reverent lifestyles.[3]

Omen left the Tower Edit

In 1170 Omen gained a new identity, the Voice of the Jade Sun. He left the tower and marched to Toshi Ranbo, following his new duties. He left the Legion behind to defend the Tao. [2]

Known Members Edit


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