The Legacy of the Naga was a Golden Pearl made by the naga jakla. [1] It was the greatest masterwork of the jakla, a magical focus designed to give physical form to Akasha. [1] It was the last remains of an ancient race who were being called to a final Great Sleep. [2]

Origin Edit

During the War Against the Shadow two humans, Mirumoto Daini and Hida Yakamo, became part of the Naga's communal soul, the Akasha. The presence of alien human thoughts caused certain imperfections within the Akasha. Reacting to remove these impurities, the Golden Pearl was formed. [3]

Great Sleep Edit

The Naga were preparing a second Great Sleep when the Ningyo said the great oyster they opened was dead, giving its life to make the pearl. Its presence could disturb the ritual and the Qatol decided to send it as a gift to the Empire. [4]

Offering the Legacy Edit

A Naga delegation visited Otosan Uchi to offer the naga legacy to Toturi I, but were inadvertantly turned away by the courtier Miya Arugo. [5] The Naga then travelled to Unicorn lands in 1135 and presented the pearl to Moto Gaheris. [6]

Akasha Edit

The golden pearl was guarded in Shiro Shinjo. When the egg hatched in 1145, a ten year old human girl with green skin emerged and claimed that her name was Akasha. [7]

Ghedai Edit

Ghedai wanted to learn the secrets of the Golden Pearl. If recreated, a new Golden Pearl would give its wielder tremendous power.[citation needed]

Counterpart Edit

A Black Pearl had appeared at the same time that the Legacy. Two facets of the Akasha, all that was pure, and all that was impure. It would hatch the brother of Akasha, the Dark Naga. [4]


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